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New Year celebration is finished now, and we are going to start 2020 with hope and Allah Almighty blessing. The New Year was celebrated with fervor across a multitude of culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse communities living in Pakistan.

Following the global trend of observing New Year’s day on January 1st is a quite exciting day for all. People wish each other the very first morning and pray for each other health, happiness and prosperous life. Many Pakistanis welcome the New Year with different kinds of celebrations, like fireworks, concerts, family dinners or gathering along with prayers.

New Year Eve Celebrations in Islamabad

new year celebration


People from all over the World celebrated their New Year’s Eve, and now started their first day of 2020. Here we will share a few New Year’s celebrations which were done last night at a few amazing and best restaurants in Islamabad.

2020 New Year Eve celebrations were done last night at many places and restaurants in Islamabad. The beautiful capital of Pakistan always tries to bring unique celebrations for the residents of twin cities. This New Year has unique importance as it overlaps with new Government strategies to improve the economic status of our country.

How Islamabad Residents Celebrate New Year 

Islamabad has elites and high profile people of the country who lived here. These people would love to dance, music throughout the night. We also have the youth or students of the Islamabad generally welcome the New Year by roaming the roads of the Islamabad through the night and gathering at restaurants.

Both cities had neon lights and colorful billboards on New Year Eve. When the clock turns above twelve, sky blows up with beautiful lights, excitement and fireworks are the sounds you heard everywhere.

The general public with whom children are school goings enjoy their winter vacation in their hometowns, so they missed out on the celebrations in Islamabad.

As winter vacations are going on in the whole country, so Islamabad comes as silent as the city itself. As most of the people of the Islamabad are not rooted here, so it was empty on this New Year.

This year’s many restaurants in Islamabad step forward and celebrated New Year Eve with fireworks, concerts, parties, etc.

Celebration at Giga Mall, Islamabad

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Giga Mall always tries to make New Year Celebration very exciting and thrilling like NFL Super bowl event, For details visit my website. This Year they continue their effort to make it more exciting and wonderful via continuous fireworks, concerts and amazing food for everyone. People from all over the Islamabad and Rawalpindi reached here with friends and family to be a part of countdown and fireworks. When the countdown began, people start shouting with excitement and happiness and welcome 2020 with long and amazing fireworks.

Celebration at Howdy, Islamabad

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As you all know very well that Howdy is not an unknown name for the residents of twin cities. Everyone is well aware of their unique and delicious burgers and themes as well. This year Howdy steps forward and welcomes New Year 2020 with wonderful celebrations. Countdowns began at 11: 57 and spectacle fireworks blow out with floating sky lanterns. People shout loudly and welcome in 2020. People enjoy the whole celebrations with friends and family along with delicious food.

Celebration at the Monal Restaurant, Islamabad

monal restaurant

Monal restaurant considered one of the best restaurants in Islamabad and a significant place in the beautiful capital of Pakistan. Monal restaurant welcomes 2020 and celebrates New Year Eve with unique cultural music and fireworks. Locals and foreigners got excited over the huge New Year celebrations.

Celebration at F9 Park, Islamabad

new year fireworks scene

New Year Eve was celebrated at different places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. People enjoyed a concert or musical night with fireworks and food festival at F-9 Park. Many renowned restaurants in Islamabad were the active part of these celebrations. It was a pure public celebration. We have noticed youngsters, families, and children were equally enjoyed the New Year celebrations.

I hope you would love these amazing New Year’s celebrations in Islamabad. Appreciate the efforts of the management of restaurants, malls, parks, and other open venues.

We pray your 2020 will bring positivity, good luck and lots of happiness for all of you.

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