The Best Food Places in Multan

    best restaurant in multan

    The city of saints, Multan, is famous for its beautiful Sufi shrines, rich cultural heritage, friendly people, and mouthwatering cuisine. Biryani, Juicy BBQ, Karahi, hot wings and crispy parathas, cheesy entrees and the juiciest burgers… Multan has a variety to offer! The mere thought of these treats makes my stomach growl. Not only is the food incredible here, but the people are too. To compile this list of Multan’s best Food points, I have worked tirelessly, tasting and trying a variety of patties. You can thank me later.

    Bundu Khan Restaurant

    Bundu Khan Restaurant is at the top. It has a well-furnished indoor and outdoor sitting area to sit and dine. Traditional and authentic desi cuisines are served at the restaurant, including sweet and savoury dishes. The restaurant offers a la carte menus as well as buffets that are delicious and budget-friendly. Chicken Boneless Handi, Zafrani Mutton Leg With Almond Masala, and Mutton Tawa Chops are some of the restaurant’s specialities. But it has much more on manure.

    Shangrilla Chinese

    If you fancy continental food, Shangrilla Chinese is the perfect place for you to dine at. It is one of the most famous and oldest to serve Chinese cuisine in the city. The atmosphere is excellent, and the service is impeccable. There are many famous dishes at Shangrilla Chinese, such as chow mein, hot and sour soup, and kung pao chicken.

    Shahjahan Grill

    This amazing restaurant offers authentic Mughlai cuisine, so you should pay a visit if you want to enjoy it. There is an atmosphere of the Mughal era within the interior and surroundings. A variety of cuisines are served in the restaurant, including Asian, Pakistani, and Middle Eastern dishes. Their top dishes like handis, biryanis, and maghaz are must-haves and you must not forget to try them. This is a great place for vegetarians who want to experience fine Mughal dining, as they offer a large variety of vegetarian dishes as well. The environment is clean and the staff is very cooperative. Whenever possible, they recommend flavours and pick up tasty dishes for you.

    London Courtyard

    The London Courtyard offers a variety of reasonably priced dishes including Italian cuisine, pizza, fast food, and coffee & desserts. LC is among the newest additions to the city. It stands out for its contemporary ambience and modern cuisine. It opened its doors in 2017 and has won hearts since then. It is the perfect place to gather with friends and family for a meal. The trademark cappuccino, classic Caesar salad, stuffed chicken from Oxford, and molten lava cake are some of the most famous dishes you should try there. There are also high tea platters with savoury and sweet items on offer at the venue.


    It is one of Multan’s most luxurious restaurants and high-end establishments. Ambience, interior, and cutlery all exhibit elegance and class. The Aangan restaurant is the perfect place to experience authentic desi cuisine in a luxurious setting. Mutton & Lamb BBQ, Murgh BBQ, Beef BBQ, fish and, Taka Tak are some of the dishes you should try at the restaurant.

    We update this list every time a new restaurant opens in Multan that immediately captures our interest, so be sure to check back every time you’re unsure where to eat.



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