Best Food Places in Rawalpindi 2022

    best food places in rawalpindi

    Pindi cuisine is central to the culture and holds a special significance throughout the region. Due to its location between Islamabad and Lahore, Rawalpindi’s cuisine has a taste of both Islamabad cuisine and Lahore cuisine. The city’s food points offer international, continental, Chinese, and desi cuisine. Some food points, however, are well known throughout the country because of their tradition and unique tastes. Listed below are the top 5 food points in Rawalpindi that are renowned nationally and internationally.


    Texas Steak House

    The Texas Steak House is our first choice. For many years now, the restaurant has been famous for its main courses. This place is perfect for those who love big, juicy, and succulent steaks, Seafood, Italian, and Mexican dishes. There is a metro bus stop located in Saddar, Rawalpindi, which makes it accessible.


    Tandoori is a place that offers delicious BBQ at an affordable rate, so do visit it. I tried their hi-tea a few days before and it was worth taking. The food variety was very good and fresh and the staff was very courteous. Because customer satisfaction is paramount, not only can you have great food but you can also have efficient and friendly service. Regardless of whether you are a family or single, young or old, male or female, it’s the leading restaurant choice.

    Savour Foods

    This is the best of the best- It’s is a cuisine-rich place and they serve a variety of food but Pulao kababs of Savour have won hearts for quite a while now. Whether you are a student or someone who is looking for a nutritious and cheap meal, Savour Food will save the day. Every cuisine at Savour is ‘Mouthwatering from the outside, flavor-filled from the inside, fully nutritious and comes with satisfying taste!’

    Slider Zone

    Fancy a burger? I know you do. Slider Zone is burger heaven. It is another affordable burger joint with an amazing variety of chicken and beef burgers. The taste of the burgers is spot-on and the size is perfect with a lot of fillings. The pineapple delight is a must-try dessert at this restaurant. It is the best place for an outing with your friends, you will enjoy and love this experience.


    Roasters in Bahria town Pindi has a lot of deals to offer for lunch and dinner. I prefer Roasters because their food is consistently high-quality and mouthwatering. It is no surprise that parmesan pasta and chicken Kyiv are the top sellers. Those who love comfort foods will enjoy these cheese-laden dishes with tender chicken. Whenever you have some time to take a quick break from whatever you are doing, make a quick stop at Roasters!

    You can’t get bored of eating out in Rawalpindi. There are a lot of other places that you can explore for the other varieties. This city’s restaurant scene is a rich tapestry of different cuisines and flavors. We update this list every time a new restaurant opens in Rawalpindi that immediately captures our interest, so be sure to check back every time you’re unsure where to eat.


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