Why Behra Interchange is famous for food

    Behra Interchange

    Local Punjabi and Mughlai influences are visible in the cuisine of Behra Interchange. Behra Interchange is a busy place as it connects two of Pakistan’s most famous cities; Islamabad and Lahore. It is therefore known for its wide range of cuisines. The traditional local food is also complemented by some famous western fast foods like Burgers and Pizzas that often combine local recipes for a refined taste. Several hotels are serving these foods 24/7. Listed below are the top 5 food points in Rawalpindi that are renowned nationally. If you visit here, be sure to try the unique cuisine.


    Qayam o Tuam

    Qayam o Tuam has been serving travelers at the Behra Interchange for quite a while. If you have a family with you, it’s the best place to hang out. The sitting space is vast and peaceful and the food is worth eating. This restaurant serves the best traditional Pakistani food like Karrahi, Pullao and Karak chai It’s open throughout the day. You can visit anytime for Breakfast, Lunch or for Dinner.


    KC Grill- Behra

    Behra Interchange is not only famous for its traditional cuisine, it also offers a wide variety of western food as well. KC Grill- Behra serves both. It has a big menu with many cuisine options from different countries to choose from. You can find the best Italian pizza, hot soups, cold drinks, and tea here, and in the desert we offer a variety of choices. Mainly, it’s because of the Continental food and steaks that make it a popular choice.



    Butter n Pepper

    If you are looking for some affordable options, stop here. It has a menu similar to KC Grill but with a lot of other options to choose from. Featuring gracious dining, exceptional service, and extraordinary classical and contemporary cuisine, The Restaurant is an example of excellence. It has become the ultimate dining destinations in Behra. It’s a place where memories are made, whether for business dinners or heartfelt moments.



    Darban Hotel & Resturant: Darban is another addition to desi traditional food at Behra interchange. Darban is best known for its Chicken Karrahi & Mutton Karrahi, but it also has many other cuisine options. You can also choose to have BBQ, Saji roast, or Dum Pukht for dinner. It has a nice traditional sitting area with expressive service. If you are with your friends and want to chill and enjoy traditional Pakistani cuisines, it is worth visiting. If you are looking for a substantial meal to satisfy your hunger, or if you want a lighter meal to satisfy your appetite, this is a good place to go.


    McDonald’s Behra: You love Burgers, hot wings, fries, Sandwiches, cakes and roasted chicken, you love McDonald’s. Looking for Western or Continental –options in Behra? Come here. There might not be much time to stop, order, wait, or eat on the way, as it takes up a lot of time. Simply, you can place your order and collect from McDonald’s and eat while travelling. Visit McDonald’s if you have children or love to chitchat with friends.


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