The Best Fried Chicken in Islamabad and Lahore That’ll Fill You with Joy

The best fried chicken

Sometimes you get that craving for scrumptious fried chicken. The sort that’s perfectly crispy and golden on the outside yet tender and delicious on the inside. Here we have listed some of our favorite places in Islamabad and Lahore that serve the best fried chicken around.

The Best Fried Chicken in Lahore and Islamabad

OPTP (Multiple Cities)

OPTP (One Potato Two Potato) is most well-known for its yummy Belgian fries. The restaurant is a success story thanks to two brothers who aimed to create delicious fast food recipes that people could enjoy. OPTP’s Southern fried chicken is another tasty item on the menu that foodies will love. This truly is one of the best fried chicken in town because of the unique flavor and perfectly crispy chicken. You’ll be licking your fingers and wanting more.

Dixy Chicken (Multiple Cities)

Dixy Chicken is a renowned fast food eatery in the country. First established in 1986 in the UK, the restaurant chain grew rapidly and now has outlets in Pakistan, Norway, UAE, India, Brunei, and Syria. As the name suggests, the fried chicken is quite popular. The crispy and juicy chicken makes it every foodie’s favorite. The restaurant also serves delicious peri-per chicken, burgers, pizza, and even dessert.

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Mr. Cod (Multiple Cities)

Though Mr. Cod specializes in fish, it also serves the best fried chicken. The crispy, golden drumsticks, wings and bites will leave you satisfied. Pair the crunchy chicken with their dips and sauces for added flavor and variety. You could also try out their chicken nuggets. They truly are bite-sized pieces of joy.

Niddoo’s Café (Islamabad)

Niddoo’s Café is a fast food joint that serves the best fried chicken in Islamabad. The menu is affordable and has a range of other dishes for customers to enjoy. The restaurant’s extensive menu includes burgers, doners, fish n chips, a few Chinese dishes and a number of hot and cold beverages. The quaint eatery is perfect for a fun day out with friends and family. So, reserve your table and indulge in some delicious fried food.

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Twistix (Lahore)

Twistix in Johar Town Lahore is a fast food place that has some unique and tasty items on the menu. The fried chicken is great here if you’re in the mood for delicious, crunchy, flavor-packed treats. The cone-shaped pizza and cheese balls are also a must try. The tornado-shaped pizza cone is what the restaurant is most well known for.

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Karachi Red Rock (Lahore)

Karachi Red Rock in Lahore has multiple branches in the city. It serves delicious drumsticks and chicken nuggets. Fried chicken fans won’t be disappointed. The eatery is economical and perfect if you’d like to have a great quality meal with family and friends on a budget. The restaurant serves tasty Pakistani and continental cuisines along with BBQ.

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