Enjoy the Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad

Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad

Have you ever tasted a pizza straight as according to your wish or your mind’s thoughts? A wise man said a good pizza can change your mood in any condition at any time or anywhere and that wise man is inside you. A tasty pizza can break your hectic daily routine, is it not?

So if you are celebrating a birthday party, friends gathering, late-night family gathering or not in a mood to entering a kitchen or just craving for scrumptious pizza, you have come to the right place to know it all.

Here we bring the best pizza places you should definitely not miss out in Islamabad.


Pizzano located in the G-10 and have a second branch in I-10 sectors of Islamabad. It took people of Islamabad with their scrumptious American and European style delicious pizza. Their pizza stuffing is different from others loaded with juice and flavors. It is also considered as one of the best pizza delivery restaurants in Islamabad.

They also offer different range of mouth-watering dishes but their chicken tikka and pineapple cheesy pizza deserve a special place in taste, due to its tender ingredients and perfect crust base, we recommend that you would try Pizzano and order with fastest food delivery service dinepartner.

Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad


New Yorker’s pizza is not new for most of the foodies living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This is and will remain one of the most favorite and popular pizza spots in Islamabad. It has various branches in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the major point is worth to try this pizza.

These pizza spots always bustling with energy and pizza lovers. It is a perfect place where you can enjoy with your friends and family and can do blogging as influencers. Their Manhattan New Yorker Special Pizza, a perfect combination of chicken tikka and fajita tossed with chicken sausages. New yorker’s pizza on and off offers its pizza max deals for its customers.

It is also one of the best pizza delivery restaurants in Islamabad which delivers the quality and tasty pizza in the town.

Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad
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Cheezious is one of my favorite pizza spots in Islamabad; it’s not only top in quality but also in taste. It is located in F-11Markaz, also known as the best pizza delivery restaurant in Islamabad. They deliver quality pizza in different flavors, while you want to eat bar b q, fajita, chapli kabab pizza, black pepper tikka pizza, and starters.

If you want to enjoy extra cheesy flavored pizza then you must order Cheezious pizza and enjoy every bite full of cheese. Cheezious is also well known as the best delivery restaurants in Islamabad. You must try once in your life and will eat continuously at your whole life and will remember me in your prayers jokes apart.

Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad
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This is one the most favorite pizza spot now-a-day of residents of twin cities. If you are hunting for authentic Italian pizza in Islamabad having original thin crust then head towards F-6 or F-11 Markaz. F-6 and F-11 are the sectors where you find Pizza Originale for the real taste of Italian pizza. It is popularly known for its pizza with roasted chicken, fresh tomato, fresh basil, and classic pizza sauce.

Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad
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Pizza Originale is a place for foodies with a variety of delicious pizzas to try and enjoy.


Tehzeeb bakers are the pioneers in the food industry and a very common name among people. It is famous for its juicy texture, delicious and mouth-watering flavors. Tehzeeb always tries to make a way to live in the customer’s hearts through their quality pizza and services. Tehzeeb bakers are also one of the best pizza delivery restaurants in Islamabad. They have many branches in different cities of Pakistan running successfully and get appreciation from customers. Their all pizza flavors are wonderful in quality and taste as well. They also bring different max deals and seasonal deals for customers. You can easily order Tehzeeb pizza with Dinepartner’s fast food delivery service.

Best Pizza Delivery Restaurants in Islamabad
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These are a few wonderful and best pizza delivery restaurants in Islamabad. Now order the best pizza at your home and enjoy while sitting at your couches.

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