Best Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

A foodie who love munching on fast food will definitely head to the best fast food restaurants in Islamabad.

The beautiful or peaceful capital of Pakistan is loaded with natural beauty. The lush green scenery, cool breeze, and peaceful environment make Islamabad one of the best city to live in and visit. Apart from all this beauty, when it comes to food, Islamabad is going strong for sure with the launching of many wonderful fast food restaurants.

Luckily, the capital is now loaded with many fast-food restaurants to offer in Pakistan. From international brands to local fast food eateries, Islamabad is all set to satisfy your taste buds and provide you the best delicious food items.

If you are living in Islamabad and want to experience different kinds of lip-smacking and mouth-watering fast foods, then you’re living in foodie’s heaven.

Here we will tell about best fast food restaurants in Islamabad, which further help you out for choosing.


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Cheezious is not a new player in the town. They are known for its consistent taste and hygienic food. It is among the new restaurants in Islamabad that are serving some amazing quality food at low prices, cheezious is one of them but not as much new.

This fast food target local foodies and now it is getting popularity day by day. Their fried chicken burgers and pizzas are equivalent in quality and equal to international food chains.

It is affordable and easy on the pocket, which is the main reason behind it success. A family can easily eat within their fixed budget. So, if you are on a budget, then this place will surely save your day.


Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

Nobody can beat Hardee’s when it comes to loaded fries and ice-cream sandwiches. The whole box of fries loaded with cheese sauce, chicken, white sauce and jalapenos are enough to make your tummy happy.

If you are looking for juicy and succulent burgers, then head towards Hardee’s today. Their new Angus Beef Burger with 100% Angus beef, signature sauce and cheese will simply melt in your mouth. They also offering free drink refills with every regular meal.

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Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

OPTP or one potato two potato is another great option for a quick bite. They are immensely popular among the masses because of their fries with different toppings and economical prices.

Apart from their huge variety of fries, they are also offering yummy sandwiches, salads, and burgers. You can find local options such as anday wala burger, chatpata burger and fill up your appetite. You have to try out their different fast food options, e.g. beef and seafood range with additional yummy fries.


Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

Tayto is famous because of its yummy food and courteous staff. Everyone would definitely love their ambiance and cozy, stylish sitting area.

If you’re a real foodie than you must need to try at Tayto special chicken entrees, burgers, fries, and their flatbread with a glass of margarita. If you are a fan of cheesy goodness, then the parmesan chicken by Tayto is for you. The breaded tender chicken topped with melted cheese and marinara sauce is the only thing that pour the taste of heavenly food in your mouth. They have few branches but they launched new items specifically made to deliver a local taste. Their new menu have desi touch chatpata burger, anda shami burger, and a crispy chicken burger.

Spuds (Fish N Chips)

Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

Spuds is one of the newest name in town. Spuds has successfully maintained consistency in taste and services for quite a long time now.

If you are a fish lover, then you probably have visited Spuds at least once in your life. Apart from spuds, fish and fries, this fast-food is also serving Traditional and Chinese dishes or pasta. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, pay a visit to Spuds F-11 fast food restaurants in Islamabad.

Hope you would love our selection of these amazing and yummy fast food restaurants in Islamabad. Now head to Islamabad and enjoy their yummy food items with Dinepartner. Reserve your table at Dinepartner and enjoy classy dinner with your loved ones.

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