7up Food Festival in Lahore is a Mixture of Food and Music

7up Foodies Festival

7UP the Biggest Food Festival Featured 120+ Eateries in Lahore.

Food is music to the body, music is food to the heart
(Gregory David Roberts)

7up food festival 2019 proved it!

Foodies Love

There was a huge variety of cuisines and traditional food to choose from. Some of these eateries were also exclusively available only and only at the 7UP Food Festival. You would just have these three days to eat because you couldn’t be sure, whether they could ever come to Lahore in the future. A very rare foodie opportunity!

Music the Heart of the 7up Food Festival

There was not only food to anticipate in the 7up food festival, but there would be incredible music also. Here we don’t mean a couple of singers performed, rather many more performed in one place. We were discussing Atif Aslam, Sajjad Ali, Josh, Jal, Falak, Mikal Hassan, Kashmir, Xarb, Bayaan and many more.

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Great time with Public figures

We spotted many artists and bloggers at the 7up food festival, they were enjoying it with enthusiasm and full zeal. Bloggers shared their reviews and appreciated this kind of positive activity and want it in the future too. We openly spoke about its excitement and thrill, people enjoyed it a lot. 7up food festival Lahore was a mixture of food and music. Everyone in a festival had enjoyed the harmony of music and food along with their favorite public figures. People were very happy, taking a lot of selfies with their favorite celebrities, and enjoyed their company.

A Complete Family Time

I hope you could enjoy the 7up food festival with family and friends together. The 7up food festival was a complete family festival. Hope it could be the best food festival ever in Lahore. 7up knew about Pakistani’s and their love for food so they never go slow in any case. There were lots of activities for the entire family even for children so they never get bored. We enjoyed food stalls that having yummy food with quite different tastes and one of their kind of fireworks. Everyone enjoys firework and lots of 7up phenomenal music, yummy delights, traditional food with family and friends.

We were in love with the 7up Food Festival!

It was a complete family festival and we appreciate it. and we have given the whole credit to the 7up food festival management and their entire team for organizing such an exciting and healthy activity.

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