Explore Top Traditional and Desi Restaurants in Rawalpindi

Traditional & Desi sehri

Food is very important for our health, we can’t deny the importance of compulsory nutrients for our body.  Along with food importance, the taste itself is much more important than anything else. If you are a foodie & want to enjoy the delicious food for your Sehri, we are here to tell you about the old and yummy food spots in Rawalpindi. During Ramadan, people quests for spicy and delicious food for their Sehr & Iftar. Hundreds of visitors visit different food spots or restaurants to make their Sehr & Iftar more delicious. Desi food always has a special place in every Sehr & Iftar meal. Here we are going to discuss very famous Traditional & Desi restaurant food points in Rawalpindi that serve in a very unique style.


One of the oldest food points for desi food lovers in twin cities, Kartarpura receives several visitors during Sehri hours. Hundred & thousand Traditional & Desi Sehri lovers visit the city and make it one of the busiest city, during Ramadan. Families visit this spot to taste the desi food and enjoy it at very cheap rates.

The specialty of kartarpura is its Punjabi culture, the shopkeepers wore traditional colorful Pugg (headgear), like in Punjabi families groom & his friends wore it nicely, to add color & happiness in the event. The same Punjabi culture followed by shopkeepers in kartarpura.kartarpura is one of the busiest spots of food during Sehr hours. Even the number of people queue for their turn to get food and seat in a restaurant. People queued to taste special lassi of kartarpura which is the most refreshing lassi you ever drink in your life.

Shopkeepers especially dressed up to serve freshly prepared chaane, Siri paaye, kala khan nihari, meethi kheer and beef qeema, special daal, and roghni naan. While it is not an easy job to get a portion of food for your Sehr along with your friends & family in kartarpura. Everyone wished for such an amazing experience of getting food in a rushy but lively place in Ramadan. People rushed toward kartarpura to enjoy the unique food taste and the colors of Food Street. The shopkeepers offered food at a very nominal price for your friends & the whole family in a very friendly way. Now it’s become a tradition in every Ramadan to have Sehr with your friends & family in kartarpura food street.

Traditional & Desi Restaurants in Rawalpindi
kartarpura food street


Food Street Rawalpindi

Food street has always been on top of the priority list for food lovers in twin cities especially in Ramadan. In Ramadan, many visitors rushed toward food street to enjoy their Sehr & Iftar with family and friends. The food street houses a number of famous desi restaurants such as Habibi, Savor foods, Shehansha tikka and many more. Desi & local food lovers can have a choice from dozens of menus available. Many different restaurants are there which offer different kinds of food, From murgh pulao rice, chicken karahi ( of shahanshah Tikka ) to pizza and fast food. Karachi biryani and Afghan bbq, savor food, Chaman, beef kabab, Crispo is famous for their taste and flavors. The food street another congested and busiest Traditional & Desi Sehri in food point in Rawalpindi but served a variety of food in one place at nominal rates.  The place is always filled by the aroma of barb q, Saji, which attracts visitors. Food street Rawalpindi is a mixture of flavors and tastes, where u can easily find real cheap treats and Sehr & meal.

Traditional & Desi Restaurants in Rawalpindi
Food Street Rawalpindi

Both these spots of traditional & desi Sehri in Rawalpindi considered one of the best traditional and desi food spots. The specialty of both spots is their variety of tasty food, food services, and cheap rates.



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