Food Street Lahore _ An Old Traditional Food and Cultural Place

Food Street Lahore

Food Street Lahore hosts history and Mughal empire inspired best restaurants in Lahore. It has many restaurants and of course extending to more, roadside dhaabas and local food stalls. Food Street is one of the beautiful place in Lahore, where you feel the harmony of old traditions, culture and Pakistani food taste. The local and native of Food Street Lahore are very hospitable and lively. It is a place where you enjoy the real colors of life in true sense.

The front view of Food Street Lahore have amazing and beautiful BadShahi Masjid, if you really want to enjoy the historic life then visit this beautiful Food Street Lahore and spent whole day and night with lively people and enjoy night view of beautiful BadShahi Masjid Lahore.

Food Street Lahore

Lahori’s are famous for food, especially chatpatay healthy khane. Lahori food have a separate place in our tradition and culture. Lahori food have a separate fans. AS we have different Food streets in whole Pakistan, especially in big cities which represents our local culture and diversity of food and taste of that area.

Food Street Lahore

New Fort Food Street Lahore is the most popular and important food spots and one of the tasty streets of Lahore.

Major Places Surrounds Food Street Lahore

Roshni Gate

Food Street Lahore

The historical Roshni Gate is one of the thirteen gates within this walled city, was sealed in past but again open now. It was the main entrance in Mughal era. This gateway connects the beautiful BadShahi Masjid and the Fort complex to the Fort Road, providing a beautiful and breath taking passage to the visitors of Food Street.

Fort Road Food Street

Food Street Lahore

Fort Road Food Street is located between Fort Road and Roshni Gate of this walled city. This place is one of the tourist’s attraction spot in Lahore. This place is the foodie heaven. Now this place is everything from traditional appetizers to a variety of Lahori cuisines, and topping it off with great and delicious dessert.

The colorful buildings with the presence of the street performer’s local singers and musicians represent the nostalgic view. This area was revamped in 2012 and open for national and international tourists.

This place was famous in past with different name, this place is now not as colourful as it would have been in the past but is still known for good tasty food.

Now this place is the perfect place for foodie’s and taste lovers. Phajay key Paye or Nihari and Taj Mahal Halwa Puri are also located near this place, both have international fame for their unique taste. A wide range of Khussa and musical instruments shops are the few remains of the history and old Mughal culture.

Famous Restaurants Near Food Street

Shahi Baithak

Food Street Lahore

Shahi Baithak is a restaurant which has unique theme inspired by Mughal Empires. The whole restaurant represent the subcontinent old culture and traditions through live music, storytelling and food items. This is a refined royal place to sit and dine in. It is one of the best restaurants in Lahore due to its food quality and taste, along with quality services.

Haveli Restaurant

Food Street Lahore

This is another beautiful restaurant located in Shahi Mohalla, Food Street Lahore. It is one of the historical building in Lahore. Although it was a historical building but, now it have inbuilt lift and other modern facilities.

Food Street Lahore

The food items is so good represents the rare and unique Pakistani traditional taste. Quite a crowded place, which is the major fame of this place. Must visit this beautiful place and enjoy the surrounding beautiful and historical buildings. From here you could enjoy the breath-taking Badshahi Masjid View while enjoying your evening tea.

Cooco’s Den

Food Street Lahore

It is another famous restaurant located near Roshni Gate, Food Street Fort Road, Lahore. Location of this restaurant is super excellent, it is quite near to Haveli Restaurant. The old architecture of its building is the major attraction. Food is good, but they change new food items, so previous taste was gone. Visit and enjoy the worth-remembering moments here and taste as well.

Food Street Lahore

Food Available in Different Restaurants in Food Street

The Old Food Street and New Food Street have plenty of traditional, desi and continental food items. Both Food Streets are famous and gain international recognition for its unique and colorful buildings, culture, food and amusement. Tourists from all over the World who visit Pakistan, must visit Food Streets Lahore and enjoy every corner of these places.

We hope that you would and enjoy the Food Street Lahore places and surrounding restaurants. If you’re going to plan a visit toward Lahore, then this piece of information will guide you and will boost your travelling passion.

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