Best Food Delivery Restaurants Services in Islamabad
Dinepartner Food Delivery

Gradually, Smartphone technology has changed everything from taxi booking to food ordering. Now,  use high-end mobile apps for ordering food from their favorite restaurant. With just a few simple taps from the comfort of their home, you can get food delivered to their home at dinepartner app. Now find plenty of good restaurants that serve food delivery in Islamabad with dinepartner.

From the last years, dinepartner serves customers as the easiest way of free booking platform now it comes up with the fastest food delivery services in Islamabad. Dinepartner brings the fastest food delivery app, where you can find plenty of new and unique flavored restaurants. Dinepartner also helps restaurants to get in touch with more consumers.

Here we are going to mention some of the best restaurants & cafes of Islamabad which serve the best quality food. Now on a few taps, you can get your food on your doorsteps without any delay.


1. Khiva

Khiva restaurant located at bhittai road, F-7 Markaz Jinnah super market، Islamabad. It is famous for its traditional food and wonderful buffets. They have splendid food quality, if you want their unique food taste without visiting there, now you can order delicious food at your doorstep with dinepartner food delivery app just in few simple clicks.

2. Golden Dragon

Golden dragon restaurant located at F-7, Islamabad. It is best known for its Chinese and Asian delicious dishes. If you have a mood to change your taste buds then try something different. Order their Chinese and Asian food along with other food at your home. Dinepartner delivers your favorite food without any delay or without ending your cravings.
Golden Dragon

3. Chinatown Restaurant

Chinatown restaurant located at F-8 Markaz, Islamabad. It is also famous because of unique taste and good quality. If you really want to enjoy the best and kind of different but good in taste food, then you must visit or order their Chinese and Asian food. Dinepartner does door to door delivery of these wonderful good quality restaurants and serves its customers in the best ways.

4. Monal Downtown

Monal downtown is located on the 5th floor, food court in Centaurus mall, Islamabad. It has the same taste as you experience in Monal restaurant Pir Sohawa, Islamabad. This restaurant is famous for its Pakistani & Italian dishes. They have different platters to serve the best food at very reasonable rates. Now you can order its Pakistani platters, Italian food or other wonderful food just on few taps with Dinepartners.
monal downtown

5. Haleem Ghar

Haleem Ghar has different branches that serve the best food at very low rates. All branches of haleem Ghar have the same wonderful food taste or quality. Whenever you e a mood to try their best haleem or other food items then order with dinepartner without wasting your time. You could not resist their haleem once you have. They serve the best haleem in Islamabad, order and taste the best haleem in the town.
Haleem Ghar

6.    Café Rustic

Café rustic located at E-7, Islamabad, it is a place where taste meets myth. It is the best steak house and café in Islamabad. You can enjoy and order their different and yummy steaks without traveling toward them. Now order their yummy and tasty steaks at your home and enjoy while sitting at your couches.
Cafe Rustic

7. Nom Nom Wok

Nom nom wok restaurant located at kohsar market F-6, Islamabad. Here you would enjoy the bowl of Chinese and Japanese food that never before. If you have to wish to enjoy the best Chinese and Japanese food at your home then why you are hiding your wish to pick up your cell phone and order the best Chinese food at your doorsteps.
Nom Nom wok

8. Pizza Originale

Pizza Originale is located at F-11 Markaz, Islamabad. They serve the best thin crust pizza in Islamabad. Order with dinepartner app and enjoy best and unique in taste pizza at your home.  Once you eat you will never stop yourself to order it again.
Pizza Originale

These are a few of the best restaurants which serve good quality food in Islamabad.  Now you find and enjoy wonderful restaurant’s food under one roof or in one place. Your few clicks will bring yummy and quality food at your doorsteps. Avail the best and fastest delivery services with dinepartner.



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