Foodies Reunite – Islamabad Eat 2018

Foodies Reunite – Islamabad Eat 2018 6

Islamabad Eat is one of the country’s most popular annual food festivals and was first held in 2017. This year, it took place from 23 to 25 November 2018 at the Jinnah Convention Center. Foodies from the twin cities poured in and gathered for a time of fun and culinary indulgence at the food festival this year. The event was a smashing success!

Foodies Reunite – Islamabad Eat 2018 4

Foodies Reunite – Islamabad Eat 2018

Many eateries and diners all across Pakistan got to showcase their dishes and specialties while the people absolutely loved it. There were approximately 70 stalls this year (a 78% increase from last year’s numbers) and crowds gathered each day to try out different cuisines. The folks who attended the festival got to spend quality time with their loved ones while enjoying helpings of their favorite snacks.

Foodies Reunite – Islamabad Eat 2018 2

The festival embodied the spirit of truly living life to the fullest and resonated with the idea that most culinary artists and foodies hold dear: “live to eat”. This was a great family affair and instead of the event being overrun by youngsters, there was a good balance of people of all ages. The tickets to the event were Rs 250 each and only women could purchase them.

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Savory Delights

Some popular eateries in Islamabad got a lot of love and attention. The tacos from Shakespeare’s Lounge were quite a hit. Baau’z Café & Grill also satisfied hordes of hungry customers with their delicious, crunchy fish and chips served with tartar sauce. The aroma of BBQ filled the air as people decided what delicacies to try next.
Attendees showed enthusiasm for traditional and subcontinental cuisine. A long queue at Noor’s Kitchen for mouth-watering dosas made that evident. The perfectly prepared desi crepes had a thin, crispy shell filled to the brim with potato and spicy chicken tikka.

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There’s Always Room for Dessert!

For those with a sweet tooth, there were plenty of desserts to choose from, such as Sinfully Sweet, Bake for Me and Pop Nosh. Dessert lovers lined up at Bake for Me’s stall for a dose of chocolatey goodness in a cup. The cookie shots were a massive hit! Pop Nosh attracted foodies with its salted caramel delights, choco loco and kettle corn. Many restaurants got the chance to showcase their specialties and people had the opportunity to try things from different cities all conveniently concentrated in one place.

Visitors who were attending the festival for the second time around noticed some improvement in the management. The seating arrangements were somewhat better than last time; though, near the end of the event, there was an accumulation of trash on site. This is a matter that the management can tackle better next time.
Overall, CKO Event Architecture did a commendable job of executing Islamabad Eat 2018. But, of course, there is always more room for improvement; therefore, cleanliness and ample seating is an aspect that can be better dealt with next time around.

Foodies Reunite – Islamabad Eat 2018 3

We’re sure everyone will be looking forward to future Islamabad Eat festivals. To those unfortunate souls who missed out this year, fear not because you’ll have your chance in 2019.

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