Karachi Eat 2019 Reigns Supreme and Is a Massive Hit

Karachi Eat 2019 Reigns Supreme and Is a Massive Hit
Karachi Eat 2019

Karachi Eat 2019 was held this year over the weekend from 10 January to 13 January. This is the 6th time the food festival has been held, bringing together people from all over the city for hours of fun, food, and entertainment.

This year’s festival was held at Beach Park, Clifton. It was organized by CKO Events Architecture. The management decided to change the venue from last year to make it easier for the public to find parking space. It was also an effort to allow vendors to set up their stalls with ease. The festival was a haven for foodies, as various cuisines and flavors from around the world, such as Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Pakistani etc. were present under one roof.

Event organizers learned from past experience and allocated several ticket booths to minimize waiting time for visitors. Karachi’s foodies were pumped and excited for the festival. Some even showed up an hour early just to make sure they could get in as soon as the gates opened.

The judges at Karachi Eat 2019 received a tidal wave of applicants wanting to set up stalls. Out of all the hopefuls, only 90 eateries were selected. The vendors also offered a special dish that visitors would be able to try exclusively at the festival. Karachi Eat proved itself to be an advocate and supporter of new, burgeoning businesses and entrepreneurs. Fifty-two of the eateries that participated were home-based. Many professionals in the food industry got the opportunity to showcase their brand to the public.

It has been said that food and music are a uniting force. At Karachi Eat 2019, some great performances took place too. Young, talented artists in the music industry got a chance to entertain the crowd.

Below we have listed some of the biggest hits that won every foodies’ heart at the Karachi Eat 2019.

Chilli Lime Prawns at Karachi Eat 2019 – Saniya’s Kitchen

Karachi Eat 2019 Saniyas Kitchen

Saniya’s Kitchen is a popular eatery that served some delicious dishes at the event. The grilled spicy prawns coated with chutney were served with a wedge of lime. The zesty, sweet and fiery flavors were a perfect blend and became an instant hit.

Gol Gappa Shots – The Social Hub


Gol gappay shots were the perfect snack item for people who love the mouth-puckering sour chutney that is paired with gol gappay. The spicy pani or sweet chutney came in little shot glasses. The Social Hub really nailed it with the flavors and presentation.

Mandarin Tart – Le Saint Honoré Pâtisserie


Le Saint Honoré presented some deliciously well-crafted sweet treats such as this Mandarin tart to festival goers. People couldn’t stop admiring their colorful macaron tower and other mouth-watering desserts. Some foodie favorites from this stall also include matcha cookies, and the special Saint Honore (made specifically for the festival) and lots more.


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