Explore Signature Pakistani Food Which Have Some Desi Touch

    Pakistani Food

    Pakistani food is rich, packed with full of spices, desi ghee, and desi taste, and with traditional aroma and flavor.

    If you really want to enjoy special Pakistani food items and special provincial food items then head toward Pakistan. Here I’m going to share with you the best desi food dishes, and special Pakistani food in detail. Now fasten your seat belt to travel toward the special Pakistani food World. Get ready for some mouth-watering Pakistani flavors and regional specialties.

    Here I’m sharing Pakistani’s favorite food items in detail, I hope you would love this delicious and mouth-watering food and their unique flavors. If you’re a Pakistani & not living in Pakistan then I’m sure that you missed our Pakistani food badly.

    Signature Delicious Pakistan Food Items

    1.   Kabuli Pulao

    Pakistani Food

    Kabuli Pulao originates from Kabul, the Capital of Afghanistan, and it is the first dish from Kabul is right here in Western Pakistan.

    As we all know that the Pulao can be made according to taste and demand. Every chef and housewife who cook for her family makes it different e.g. Biryani, Boiled rice, etc. Usually, there is a chunk of mutton or beef meat, sometimes an entire leg, at the heart of each massive batch.

    Saffron gives the Kabuli Pulao a unique taste and color, but typically the spices are less as compared to our traditional biryani. Whole cloves of cardamom give it a sweet aroma, and additional peanuts and pistachios on top as a garnish make it wonderful.

    Pakistani Food

    Kabuli Pulao aroma and taste are totally different from our traditional Pakistani food. The platter of Kabuli Pulao looks beautiful, tastes are always incredible. A perfect dish of Kabuli Pulao is now very famous and well-served at local street food and in renowned restaurants and dhabas.

    We have wonderful and amazing restaurants in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Lahore where you enjoy the delicious Kabuli Pulao. Tourists from all over the world could enjoy the lively street atmosphere of any of Pakistan’s large bustling cities, especially common in and around Peshawar and taste our traditional and desi Pakistani food.

    2.   Karahi

    Pakistani Food

    This is the most favorite Pakistani food in every season, we can say this is our top signature food items and evergreen desi food. Karahi is one of the best Pakistani food, and is always on demand and very close to the hearts of all Pakistanis gatherings, weddings, and other events. You can eat delicious Karahi from a roadside shop or big restaurants and cafes in Pakistan.

    Pakistani karahi recipe is World famous which has tomatoes, onions, and animal fat. It’s that tomato that gives each Karahi its ultra-yummy magic, so full of smokiness, tender chunks of meat, and a lot of fat from the meat. This is an iconic and signature dish of Pakistan and can be found throughout the country. Every Pakistani housewife is an expert in making delicious Karahi for family and guests.

    In Lahore and Islamabad, Butt Karahi is mandatory and in demand. We have an insanely good Shrimp Karahi at the Dua Restaurant in Karachi. Many renowned restaurants and local dhabas serve delicious and tasty Karahi for foodies.

    3.   NihariPakistani Food

    A few years back Nehari was considered as the favorite dish of Karachi peoples but with the passage of time now it is in demand in whole Pakistan. This dish is truly a game-changer for every foodie when it comes to Pakistani cuisine. This would be easily considered as the best breakfast’s Pakistani food. It is the most demanding Nashta (Breakfast) food item in Lahore and Karachi.

    Nihari is a mixture of the heap of dry spices frying in vegetable oil and animal fat. The meat ingredients follow and a very healthy portion of Desi Ghee gives it extra taste and aromaTinder and thick gravy with ginger, green chilies garnishing and a squeeze from fresh lime or two make it perfect.

    Pakistani Food

    Nihari is a favorite of Lahori’s and you can try the best nihari from Food Street. Islamabad and Karachi also have wonderful local and well-known restaurants.

    I hope you would enjoy these famous desi Pakistani food, you can enjoy with chill winter weather. Visit Dinepartner and find amazing desi and continental restaurants. You can also reserve your table online at your favorite spot.

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