Explore the Foodie’s Favorite Spots and Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    The foodie rivalry in Pakistan will never ended at any cost, it is a favorite hobby of Pakistani’s to talk extravagant about their city food. Karachi and Lahore’s foodie rivalry is long standing and fiercely contested, while both vying only for Pakistan. You can also enjoy a whirlwind culinary tour to the best of local, authentic Pakistani cuisine at the best restaurants in Lahore.

    Karachi and Lahore are the two main foodie’s favorite rivalries in Pakistan, but in past, now Islamabad and Rawalpindi also jumped in it. An omnipresent friendly rivalry exists between these two cities with regards of food, culture and fashion.

    An Open Gate for Foodie’sBest Restaurants in Lahore

    Every visitors who want to see the historical walled city of Pakistan eye’s treated to a feast for the senses as they whisked away from the airport to the Old City of Lahore and on to the stunningly awe-inspiring Lahore Fort and Badshahi mosque, through the Roshni Gate’s tiny door, which takes them into the Walled City.

    The flavors and food of all the cities in Pakistan are as unique and different as the local influences that have shaped the delicacies found there. But today we’ll talk about best restaurants in Lahore, as we all know that Lahore have a separate unique food taste in our history and culture.

    Whenever someone plan to explore the beautiful historical walled city of Pakistan, they feel the aroma of traditional and tasty food of Lahore.

    Here, we will explore the history hidden behind beautiful walled city that influence lahore’s restaurants and cafes and will also discover the top restaurants in Lahore.

    1. Cooco’s Den Restaurant
    2. Texas Grill
    3. Cocktail Time Café
    4. Backyard Pizza
    5. Tito Papa

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Here, we will explore top restaurants in Lahore, which I’m sure you won’t missed out on your Lahore visit at any cost.

    Cooco’s Den Restaurant

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Cooco’s Den is a famous restaurant located near Roshni Gate, Food Street Fort Road, Lahore. This restaurant in Lahore blessed with the best and super excellent location quite near to Haveli Restaurant. The old architecture and theme of this restaurant of its building is the major attraction.

    Their food is as always good, but they change new food items, so previous taste was gone. The specialty of this restaurant is the food dishes e.g. Chinese, Continental, Pakistani and BBQ served in a pure desi and Lahori style. Visit and enjoy the worth-remembering moments at the Cooco’s Den and historical views as well.

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Texas Grill

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Texas grill is a classical American steakhouse & grill best restaurant in Lahore, located in Johar Town, Lahore. For American and Pakistani best Steaks, Pizza and Zinger burger head toward Texas Grill Lahore. Their ingredients, serving and presentation along with unique and quality taste grip you tightly for the second visit. You can’t resist when you are looking for real and smoky steak in Lahore, this is a perfect place for steak lovers.

    Cocktail Time Café

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Explore Cocktail time Cafe in Johar town, for cozy and peaceful ambiance. You can’t deny the impressive, beautiful and relaxing environment. Apart from the true Lahori’s Pakistani taste, the continental, Thai, fish and fast food is always on point. Their Artisan burger and beef patty is nicely done, their pasta, Cocktail add more taste in your meal.

    Backyard Pizza

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Backyard Pizza is another foodie’s place in Lahore, this is a perfect place for pizza lovers. It is located in phase ii, Johar town, Lahore. They offers a real celebration of every pizza and fast food in Lahore. Each and every dish have a separate unique taste. Their restaurant air is filled with aromatic smoke and essence of real pizza. Backyard pizza is one of the best restaurants in Lahore. They also offer separate indoor dining for families.

    Tito Papa

    Best Restaurants in Lahore

    Tito Papa is such an amazing budget-friendly local restaurant located in G-1 Farah Arcade, near city Marriage Hall Kareem Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. they are offering delicious fast food in Lahore. They have variety local menu, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, shwarma, roll paratha and wide range of snacks. They have indoor and outdoor separate seating for families and private gatherings.

    I hope, you would love our collection of amazing and budget-friendly best restaurants in Lahore. Head toward walled city and enjoy these wonderful restaurants in Lahore.



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