Traditional Delicious Winter Food Items in Pakistan

Winter Food in Pakistan

We’re almost done with the mid of December, and winter has slowly moved forward. People living in the north may be feeling the winter more than those living in other cities or provinces, a chill is still making its way into the air. December and January bring snowfall with delicious winter food trends that never changed so far.  With winter, as with all seasons, comes the food that can be best enjoyed in chill or snowy weather from the warm comforts of your home while enjoying movies with family or friends.

Here, we will bring some known food trends in winter that had been never changing from centuries. Let’s start with the delicious winter breakfast!

Paaye, Siri Paaye or Nihari


The most favorite and demanding breakfast and dinner party choice in Pakistan. Most people in Pakistan categorize this winter food is specific for Punjab people, but now it’s taste developed in every city of Pakistan and people would prefer to serve in every winter party or gathering. Now, Paaye is becoming a great dish to serve for dinner in winter and Siri Paaye or Nihari in breakfast. It is made according to your taste, it could be spicy as you want, and if the cook is skilled enough, you can get the most out of its distinctively delicious flavor.

Halwa Puri

halwa puri

Halwa puri is another most demanding breakfast item in Pakistan, but you won’t specify it for winter. People would equally enjoy it in every season, but love to eat in cozy chilly winter weekends. You can also enjoy a combo of Halwa puri with the complete assortment of daal and aloo and make your breakfast delicious in any season. Enjoy your special Dhaba or desi style breakfast and remember me in your prayers.

Fried Fish or Fish Pakore

fried fish

If you’re looking for something more delicious winter food than dry fruits and nuts, a little white meat street food is the way to go. Fried fish or fish pakoras are the most desirable food items in every winter gathering or official dinner. This winter food is easily available at any desi dhabas and high-class restaurants and cafes, but each one is likely to offer its own distinct flavor or masala.

Gajar or Suji ka Halwa

gajar ka halwa

No one denies the importance of Maa k hath ka Gajar or Suji ka Halwa! Many winter weddings or gatherings in Pakistan served those food items as dessert. These delicious and healthy desserts will make your winter warm and delicacy.


Topped with nuts and base with milky khoya, make it more delicious and tasty. Suji ka Halwa is equally delicious and you can make it in any season. But you won’t deny the special mouth-watering taste of both Halwas.

Kashmiri Chai or Kehwa

kashmiri chai

When you are done with your dinner in winter your quest for hot drink arouses that would be a hot Kashmiri chai or Kehwa. This is the most popular beverage choice in winter weddings, gatherings and movie nights. Kashmiri chai and Kehwa are equally famous in every part of Pakistan in winter especially.

kashmiri tea

If you want to energize yourself in cozy winter than hot Kashmiri chai and Kehwa will do this for you.  Kashmiri chai is also known as pink tea in big cities, it has a different kind of nuts which gives it an attractive pink color. Many health-conscious would love kahwa as an energy booster drink and is also a great option for a warm winter drink for all.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits

People of Pakistan would love to follow a very yummy winter food tradition from the ages. Eating dried fruits in cozy or chilly winter is the best part of every home of Pakistan while enjoying favorite Drama on TV. This is the best bet to really enjoy the feel of winter in Pakistan. Buy your favorite dry fruits easily your nearest food store and make it super delicious to boost. You have also seen a number of locals or hawkers with toasty warm peanuts, cashew, walnuts, resins, almonds, and pistachio. If you already have all these dry fruits in the house then you’re ready to set for the winter night.

I hope you would love these amazing winter food items and make your winter evenings and nights worth-remembering. Visit Dinepartner and reserve your table at your favorite restaurants and enjoy these winter food items at your favorite restaurants. You can also order these food items with Dinepartner food delivery services.

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