Koyla – The Barbeque Is the Finest Desi Restaurant in Lahore

Usually, desi eateries in Pakistan don’t really put too much effort in the ambiance and overall experience. Koyla – The Barbeque is an exception though. This sophisticated foodie’s paradise can be regarded as the finest desi restaurant in Lahore. It is located on Egerton Road. It comprises of two levels and also takes up Hospitality Inn’s rooftop. Though the menu has multiple cuisines, such as continental and Italian, it is primarily known for BBQ and desi cuisine while also bringing a touch of class to the dining experience.

koyla the finest desi restaurant in lahore
Koyla- The Barbecue | Facebook

Here’s why Koyla Is the Finest Desi Restaurant in Lahore

Exceptional Atmosphere

Koyla- The Barbecue | Facebook

Considering how high-end Koyla – The Barbeque is, the prices are surprisingly sensible. Once you enter the first level, you’ll be struck with the elegant décor. Flowers adorn various vases near the entrance as you are greeted by the cordial staff. The entire atmosphere puts you in a very relaxing mood. And it doesn’t just end here. The rooftop is absolutely exquisite. It is especially magical at night. You can plan a romantic dinner under the cover of a star-studded velvety dark sky.

koyla- the finest desi restaurant in lahore
Koyla- The Barbecue | Facebook

Guest can also opt to dine by the poolside. At night, soft lighting illuminates the Buddha statues that line the pool’s parameter. And a concrete fire bowl crackles, casting a warm glow around it. Something about dining by the pool at night as light reflects upon the surface makes for a very Zen dining experience.

The Finest Cuisine

koyla -the finest desi restaurant in lahore
Koyla- The Barbecue | Facebook

We’ve gone on long enough about the ambiance, let’s get down to the food. The restaurant serves soups; salads; special BBQ platters; seafood; lamb, beef and poultry dishes; desi/organic chicken dishes; steaks; pasta; paninis; desserts, such as gulab jamun, seasonal halwa, New York cheesecake, Mississippi chocolate mud cake; and a range of hot and cold beverages.

The restaurant has fantastic reviews and those who have been here consider it to be the finest desi restaurant in Lahore. Koyla has gained this reputation thanks to its delicious food, hospitable staff and breathtaking atmosphere. The eatery is perfect for celebrating special life milestones, romantic dinners or more formal corporate lunches or meetings. If you get a chance to dine at Koyla, be sure to share your experience with us.

Happy dining!


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