Islamabad is Coming with Budget-Friendly Signature Food Items
Signature Food Items

Islamabad always prides itself on offering some of the best dishes for foodies to indulge in. Dinepartner assimilates the delicious & mouth-watering flavors of Islamabad for foodies, and once you try these flavors you fell in love with these unique flavors. Might be this article make you crave like mad crazy for the items listed below so make sure you’re viewing this on the go.

This is the ultimate food guide for everyone who wants to have a taste that Islamabad has to offer & which really fits into their pockets.

Find wonderful and tasty budget-friendly signature food items of Islamabad.

1. Chocolate Orange Pastry, Burning Brownie

If there’s one brownie place in the city that shakes everyone’s faith, it would be the Burning Brownie. While when we talk about their whole menu might not be as popular as their mud cakes and fudge brownies, but I feel their mint and orange chocolate desserts are the reason that everyone might be injecting insulin in their body in a few years.
Chocolate, orange & hazelnuts

2. Cheese Naan, Monal

Monal is famous for a lot of things such as its ambiance, desi or traditional, and continental food and the breathtaking view of Margalla Hills. However, cheese naans are a guilty pleasure every time you visit this gorgeous place. The naans can be oven downed in less than 3 seconds. you will never forget the taste of monal cheese naan in your whole life.

Monal Cheese Naan
Cheese Naan, Monal

3. Cheese and Nutella Naan, Naan Stop

If someone really looking for a perfect delicious cheese & Nutella naan, then you must visit Naan Stop, F-10. They serve the best Nutella naan in a town and their prices are very low as compare to their unique food taste. Cheese & Nutella naan are serving as their signature items and foodie can also order while sitting at their lounge.
Cheese & Nutella Naan

4. Chinioti Handi, Mr. Chips

You’re not living your life right if you’re in Islamabad and haven’t been to Mr.Chips. This is probably one of the first few restaurants (the cute old waiters roaming around bear testimony to that) of the city. Mr.Chips has a very humble or interesting setup and their prices are very low you’d end up ordering half the menu because it’s not just that good but cheap too! The Chinioti handi is a clear winner though with its spicy chicken curry served with hot naans are just fantastic and delicious.
Chinioti Handi

5. Brownie Skillet, Tuscany Courtyard

Two words, a sinful pleasure. The very sight of this dessert makes you go weak in the knees. What do you get by combining a slice of rich, moist chocolate brownie immersed in sizzling hot chocolate gravy with a scoop of ice-cream, fruit, and nuts perched atop? Amazing & flawless are the two words that come in your mind when seen the brownie skillets of Tuscany Courtyard.
Brownie Skillet

6. Garlic Mushroom Toast, Chaaye Khana

If you want-to-visit a place for your fancy breakfast over weekends, Chaaye Khana offers over seventy blends of teas, hand-picked from all over the world. But what makes you drag yourself out of bed every Sunday morning for Chaaye Khana is their Garlic Mushroom Toast which is the signature dish of Chaaye khana, Islamabad.
Garlic Mushroom Toast

7. Steaks, Porterhouse

This place is a revamp of Qureshi Meat shop in Kohsar and with a pre-established name for itself in the market; Porterhouse needed little time to take off. With top-notch meat cuts and a readily available inventory to boost, Porterhouse has carved a niche for itself with steak-lovers. Their steaks are so sexy you’d want to pay to just look at them. if you’re a true steak lover then must rush toward this place as soon as possible.
Steak, Porthouse

8. Chelo Kebab, Omer Khayyam

This Iranian place is a mixture of classic  & traditional flavor with a small loyal following. It offers the best kebabs you’ll ever have, so hands down for the signature Chelo kebab. Although the onion presentation makes it look fantastic. The fried eel Chelo Kebab for you served with doogh (Salty Lassi) which is a lethal combination.
Chelo kebab

Each signature dish mentioned above is just for the sake of the foodies guide. Visits Dinepartner and finds more interesting stuff as a foodies guide. Free online restaurant booking with Dinepartner & enjoy your dinner with your beloved ones.

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