Dera Pakhtoon Restaurant Shows Visitors the Beauty of Village Life

Dera Pakhtoon Restaurant Shows Visitors the Beauty of Village Life

Locals and foreigners are often in search of something authentic on their journeys. Saidpur Village is a tranquil hideaway nestled in a ravine between the Margalla hills. The location is a welcome escape for the average city dweller. For foodies, Dera Pakhtoon restaurant shows visitors the beauty of village life in all its glory.

Saidpur Village

The Historic Significance of Saidpur Village

Saidpur Village holds great historic significance. Efforts to preserve and maintain it have been expended so that future generations can visit and learn from this gem. The village derives its name from Said Khan, the son of a Gakhar chief. Khan gifted the village to his daughter. She later married Emperor Jehangir. It is said that Jehangir stayed in the village during his journeys across the border.

The village is also home to Hindu temples that have undergone restoration. The architecture and art let you immerse yourself in local traditions and culture fully. The location is a hot spot for tourists with many restaurants and cafes dotted along the cobbled pathways in town.

Dera Pakhtoon

Dera Pakhtoon Saidpur Village

One such restaurant is Dera Pakhtoon. Traditional themes are dominant at the eatery, in terms of décor and furniture. On the floor seating arrangement is also an option. You can enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family while appreciating picture-perfect views of your surroundings. The village-style Pakistani restaurant offers Mughlai, Balochi and Pashtun cuisines. Explore the cultural and historic richness of the country through food. And reconnect with nature amidst good company.

Restaurant’s Specialties

Dera Pakhtoon - Kabuli Pulao

Some of the restaurant’s specialties include tikka, lamb chops, kabuli palau, lamb karahi, Qandhari platter with lamb ribs, quails, Peshawari kebab and palau. Some items on the menu are a must try, such as khadda sajji, batair karahi, and lamb rosh/ dum pukht. Meat lovers are in for a treat as every protein is prepared with the freshest ingredients to perfection.

Dera Pakhtoon 1

Dera Pakhtoon 2

The restaurant has dining space available exclusively for families or large parties for a comfortable and private dining experience. According to the restaurant’s website, business hours for lunch from Monday to Friday are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For Saturday, timings are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The restaurant is closed for lunch on Sunday.

Dinner timings from Monday to Sunday are 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Dera Pakhtoon

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