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Restaurants are cropping up in the concrete jungle like swarms of locusts nowadays. And all are striving hard to boost their restaurant sales. It is only natural for them to do so, if not with the intention of gaining a profit, why will one start a restaurant? Hence, don’t you think that you will have to put in that extra money to make your restaurant above the others in the market? Of course, yes! We bring various techniques that you can employ to increase sales and dine in at your cafes and restaurants in Islamabad.

Now it’s a time to boost up your motivational level and achieve higher sales and dine in at your cafés and restaurants that will differentiate you from others.

Here are a guide and tips by achieving your goals!

  1. Your Existing Customers are your Advocates

Your existing customers are your advocates; they will tell you how to increase your standard high and by bringing what type of major changes. Treat your existing clients well; recognize them when they come, recognize their choices. Once you valued them, in return they valued a lot your restaurant and food. Once you have a good relationship with your client, they will give you honest reviews about your restaurant, food, and services as well, and then you improve your standard and sales by following these honest reviews. Your regular customers will also market you through word of mouth and by bringing in friends and family which will help you to increase your restaurant sales. Getting your customers to come back will forever be your most significant achievement!

2.  Increasing the Table Turnover Rate

The second very important guide for your restaurant and café is that you increase the table turnover rates. Table turnover rates don’t mean that you increase table rates, it’s mean you maximize the customers and service and food availability at a time. Your services should be very active and fast that wraps up the previous food mess and cleans the table quickly and welcomed the next client with a sweet smile at their faces.

3.  Unique Offers and Happy Hours

If you want to increase your sales and dine in than you have to bring unique offers for existing and new customers and clients.  For inviting more customers to your restaurants and cafes you offer them a happy hour’s meal. In a happy hour meal, you will offer them special discounts and giveaways just for making them permanents and promotions. For sure this step will increase not only sales but also increase your restaurant’s publicity.

4.  Pricing it Right

The very important step is the menu should need to be priced carefully. When you deciding your menu price, you will remember the menu cost, location, and target audience as well. Your menu cost will always follow the target audience budget, it should be low if you are targeting a student, it should be high if you are targeting a professional and jobbies. Once you focused on the menu price it will help you to increase your sale and dine in.

5.   Social Media Presence

For bringing new clients, and customers to your restaurants and cafes, you should be on social media. Social media presence is very important for brand awareness and promotion. Without social media presence, you will not be able to get a number of customers for dines in also will not be able to promote your offers and food variety and quality. So you should be active on social media and promote your business through Google ads as well.

6.   Offers Food Delivery along with Dine-in

If you want to increase your restaurants and cafes sales, you have to bring food delivery services. Food delivery will surely increase your brand awareness, food quality, sales, and business revenue. This service also captures wider customers on a wider level.

7.   Pamphlets and Posters

You should not promote your business through social media; you also promote it through print media as well. Distribute pamphlets and display posters in rushy and public places. Promotion through print media will also attract many new customers. Pamphlets and posters are a very easy way to bring customers to your restaurants, also increase food delivery services as well.

8.     SMS Marketing

It is a very important and affordable way of promotion, SMS marketing will bring new customers and increase restaurant sales. Through SMS you can tell your existing and new clients about new offers, happy hours, dine-in, discounts on food delivery and events hosting by your restaurants as well.

These are the few tips for increasing your restaurant’s sales and dine in. promote your business and build a reputation for your restaurant and café. Join Dinepartner for food delivery services and increase your sales.

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