Café Aylanto – A Quintessential Fine Dining Experience in Pakistan

Café Aylanto – A Quintessential Fine Dining Experience in Pakistan

Café Aylanto is well established in Lahore and Karachi and was later opened in Islamabad as well. The eatery was one of the first to introduce exotic flavors to the foodies of Pakistan. It has established itself as a fine dining restaurant in some of the most buzzing parts of town.

Humble Beginnings

The restaurant first started out as a posh deli that also served some authentic Italian dishes and beverages, which are a rarity in our country. With time, their menu grew and became rather extensive. More cuisines were introduced along with desserts.

The café makes sure its produce is of superb quality. Various standards and checks are in place to maintain quality control. The eatery is also equipped with its own bakery and butchers, which provides most of what is then served to guests when they dine.

Café Aylanto Today

Cafe Aylanto Lahore

Now, the restaurant chain has become renowned as a sophisticated place of indulgence. In Lahore, Café Aylanto is located in a high-end district. It attracts food enthusiasts that don’t mind splurging when it comes to their culinary experience. The café has established itself as a fine dining eatery that offers fusion recipes, delicious continental and Mediterranean cuisine along with gourmet sandwiches, scrumptious snacks, and burgers. The restaurant is also famous for a range of specialty dishes such as the pan-seared Norwegian pink salmon, flame grilled tenderloin and so much more. Apart from the exotic food, Café Aylanto’s elegant ambiance is also worth praising. By dining here, guests get to enter into a state of complete relaxation.

In Islamabad, the restaurant has found itself a prime location as well. The landscaping makes it stand out from everything else in close vicinity. Inside, the velvet couches, mood lighting, and décor help create a resoundingly luxurious atmosphere. You get to enjoy relaxing views of the garden through wide windows as you sit and enjoy your meal.

Recipe for Success

The restaurant’s success stems from the fact that café management understands the importance of further developing their employees’ skills and talents. The management has also kept its bar for hospitality high. They make sure that each guest feels well taken care of when they dine here.

For foodies who want to celebrate major life milestones, plan a special day with friends and family or a romantic eve, this is the ideal place to head on over to. If you get a chance to visit Café Aylanto, be sure to let us know what you thought. We’d love to hear about your food-ventures.

Happy dining!



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