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Themed Cafes and restaurants

Fine eateries trends change time by time, new style and themes followed by arising restaurateurs in Pakistan. We see a number of modern cafes and restaurants which bring a revolution all over the country. There is a new wave of cafes & best restaurants in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, but these places are not like the ones you ever have seen before.

These cafes and restaurants now become the hot places of gossips, where friends sit together and discuss everyday life matters. The main and important thing about these café and restaurants is, they are looking to target a very specific audience. They focused on one specific thing and the whole café theme follow this, which make it more attractive and trendy. These are the best dinner reservation places for the people of twin cities. Read on to find out the best and unique cafes and best restaurants in Islamabad that attract visitors through their unique style.

Best Themed Cafés & Restaurants in Islamabad

1.      Cafe Crossbones – Horror-Themed cafe

Plan to have a unique and scariest dinner with your friends. then jump out of your seat right now because the scariest and horror-theme café is in the town, located at PWD road. The café theme based on horror and scariest things. You would see lots of scariest things in the café; you couldn’t find even a single thing normal in crossbones cafe. It is a contemporary cafe serving drinks, steaks sandwiches and pizza, pasta, and different kind of coffee. Here you find Creepy skulls, reenactments from the exorcist hanging from the wall, creepy crawlies that will imitate your food. it is a nightmare or a thrill for you to have dinner there. This café is not for the weak-hearted or coward people to visit (sarcastically).

Themed Cafes and Restaurants in Islamabad
Crossbones Cafe

2.      Cafe Garage – Automobiles themed cafe

The whole theme based on unique and colorful automobiles, vintage cars, and bikes, where you find gaming spots, music, fun along with good and tasty food. Café garage always welcomes his fun lover’s visitors with an open heart. At café garage you will enjoy unique bikes, cars, latest games, you could hold the steering wheel and play the game and enjoy your wonderful meal, it is the best place in E-11 for dinner reservations.

Themed Cafes and Restaurants in Islamabad
Cafe Garage

3.      Kings landing café – Game of Thrones

The game of the thrones series is finding its destiny. but you don’t worry because it makes its way in Islamabad. The game of thrones based café located in phase 4, Bahria town Islamabad for Got lovers. There’s a new Café in the town that’s called King’s Landing Café and Grill. The 5 young boys, who love the game of thrones, start it to show their love toward the Got series. The items on the menu are also inspired by Got. Some of the items on the menu are named Sand Snake Pasta, the Cheesy Khaleesi, the Hound’s Chicken, King of the Andals, and Valar Spaghetti Pasta. Here you can find lots of things inspired by the king’s landings. The best dinner reservation place for a game of thrones lovers.

Themed Cafes and Restaurants in Islamabad
Kings landing cafe & Grill

4.      The Smokey Cauldron  – Harry Potter Themed Cafe

Are you looking for a magical dinner reservation place, where you find fine dining along with magic? That’s right, everyone’s favorite wizard and childhood hero now have a café in PWD, near Bahria Town, Islamabad. Harry Potter-themed café is fully equipped with series photographs of the people of Hogwarts, stories, magic books hanging on the wall, and chandeliers made out of wood and the best place for those who love to enjoy, their wonderful and magical childhood memory.

Themed Cafes and Restaurants in Islamabad
Hogwart’s Cafe

Plan your day at the best-themed eatery in Islamabad. Feel like the lord of the wizard, enjoy Got, visit the haunted place, and game, then you must visit these cafes and best restaurants in Islamabad.

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