Beat the Winter Chills with These Tasty Breakfast Treats in Islamabad

Tasty Breakfast Treats in Islamabad

Getting up early on a bitter winter’s day can be a challenge. One way to fight off the cold is by having a delicious, nutritious breakfast. We’ll show you how to beat the winter chills with these tasty breakfast treats in Islamabad.

Tasty Breakfast Treats in Islamabad

Norwegian Smoked Salmon Poached Eggs — Loafology

Loafology offers some of the best tasty treats in Islamabad. The café/bakery is unique from other similar establishments because it offers authentic European-style food.

The Norwegian smoked salmon poached eggs is one of our favorites. It consists of two eggs, smoked salmon, cream cheese, sourdough bread and hollandaise sauce. A truly decadent and healthy choice.

The ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes are high-quality and organic. Apart from the scrumptious breakfast menu, the restaurant also serves artisan bread. Sourdough bread is one of the most popular bakery items. Starting your day at Loafology with a healthy meal or snack will leave you feeling energized for the rest of the day.

Desi Nashta Platter — Baramda

Are you the type of person who would eat breakfast for every meal if that was a possibility? Then, you’ll be pleased to know that Baramda offers an all-day breakfast menu to satisfy your cravings.

The desi nashta platter is the perfect way to start your day. This tasty treat contains an excellent Pakistani-style omelet, served with paratha, qeema, mint chutney and, last but not least, halwa to end the meal on a high note. The symphony of flavors will have you wide awake and feeling all warm and cozy on the inside.

For the people that prefer a fiery start to their day, the Mexican crepe is a great option; the olives and jalapenos inside make it a flavor-packed dish.

While you’re waiting for breakfast to be served, you can amuse yourself and pass the time by playing the various board games the restaurant has.

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Crepe Stuffed with Scrambled Egg and Sausage — Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana is a high-end café that has become a hot spot for locals to hang-out. The eatery is famous for its variety of teas and takes its hot beverages very seriously. Chaaye Khana has an extensive menu and offers a range of savory and sweet dishes along with delicious snacks.

For breakfast, the crepe stuffed with scrambled egg and sausage is absolutely scrumptious. The various textures and flavors combine to make this crepe stand out from the other delicious treats on the café’s breakfast menu. Get cozy in the comfortable atmosphere while you enjoy a delectable breakfast. These tasty breakfast treats in Islamabad are the perfect antidote for the winter chills.

Another great item to try is the sour cream omelet. The zesty flavors work really well and the fresh, healthy ingredients will give you the energy boost to power through the day. These tasty treats in Islamabad will have you coming back for more.


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